Craig Adams Music

About Craig Adams

Over the years, New Zealand country music has produced some fine voices. Its been a long time since an artist burst onto the New Zealand scene - however Craig Adams is doing just that! A late starter - 2008 and in his 30's entering his first ever talent quest and winning, Craig soon emerged in the awards circuit and cleaned up most things in his sight. Craig carved his track in music firstly through the awards circuit and then playing country pubs, clubs, rodeos and festivals.

Craig is down to earth, humble and a genuine Kiwi bloke.Born and raised on the west coast of the North Island, New Zealand - Craig grew up like most boys besotted with playing sport, hunting, fishing, music and chasing girls. He moved south as a young man, married a Southern Girl and the South has been home ever since!

Craig’s music is country... but it rocks. His high energy performances are now a trade mark. Along with his ability to rock he sings ballads with a beautiful softness and silky tone. Craig is the whole package; he empties the tank every time leaving nothing in reserve. He takes his audience to another place; it’s this unique dynamic package that keeps people of all ages coming back wanting more.
Be sure to take in a live show - you wont be disappointed! This guy has the "x-factor" and is the real deal.

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